Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Favorite Books Read in 2014

     I've read 112 books this year ! I'm so proud ! Its the first year I've actually kept track of  what all I've read through Goodreads. Its my most favorite website :) I'm just going to list the books I read that I gave at least 4 stars to. I'm pretty stingy with my stars, so you know they're good when they get that many from me. Those are the books I would gladly reread, they're special to me, and sometimes they change me. I love books. They're my most prized collection and favorite hobby. So, here are my favorites from this year.

  • Gone Girl ~ Wow. I've never been more surprised by a book. After reading so much for so long, I don't really get surprised when it comes to mystery books, but this one. WOW. Also, its one of the best book to movie adaptations I've ever seen !

  • The Fault in our Stars ~ This books absolutely broke my heart. Beautifully written, beautiful story. John Green inspired me to just be more eloquent in my day to day. I don't know if I'll ever get over this book.

  • The Selection ~ I'll just highlight the first book of this series. I was pleasantly surprised after reading this. I picked it up to be just some light summer reading on vacation and found myself clicking purchase next book in the series on my kindle. Loved the premise, loved the royalty, such a fun read.

  • Ready Player One ~ I couldn't be farther from being a gamer, but this book was awesome ! It appealed to my nerdy side and my 80's loving side. My husband never reads, but he adamantly suggested I read it; I finished in a couple hours.

  • If I Stay ~ This was apparently the year of heart breaking young adult novels. I think people either love or hate it,  I was a definite love ! I first found out about this book from the movie trailer. So glad I read it !

  • Fallen ~ Another YA that surprised me. The battle between Angels and Demons is oddly interesting to me, and this series had a lovely little twist I didn't see coming. Awesome ! Side rant: I've had a lot of problems with how some authors have been finishing their series. This one ended exactly how it should have ! Thanks, Lauren Kate !

  • Attachments ~ This was my first Rainbow Rowell book, and good lord what have I been missing !? It was just quirky enough to keep me smiling, the ending was wonderfully sweet. Sigh. I'd read it again tomorrow :)

  • Deeply Odd ~ Its the second to last Odd Thomas book, and we're finally going back home. The weirdness was just right, and Odd's senses were right on point. I was so happy Dean Koontz got his Odd groove back, however sad that Odd is almost done :(

  • Neil Patrick Harris: Choose your own autobiography ~ I don't know what else to say about this book except that it was just lovely. Neil is such a cool person and hearing about his upbringing, and then his little family. I actually learned a lot about him ! I teared up and I laughed out loud. What more could a gal ask for ? 

  • Cinder ~ I've never really read anything Cinderella-esque and I was totally hooked. I read this so quickly and I was really sad I have to wait to find out what happens. I'm also mad I waited so long to read it ! Its been on my kindle since April !

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