Thursday, July 28, 2011

Book pages wreath

Everyone knows I like to read, but I also just like books and they way they look ! I recently saw something online I knew had to try. Its a wreath made out of book pages ! Here's what you need...
A styrophoam wreath
book (or two)
hot glue gun
ribbon to hang it up

I started with the back rolling the pages every which way until i had one row all the way around the wreath. Make sure you don't fold them, you want it to look round and full. So, once I was done with the back row, I truned it over so I could start working on the front, like this

Then once you start doing the middle and front, it gets a little more difficult. For the tops and sides, I folded a little tab on the bottom so it would have a way to stand up still. This was a time consuming process and I'm not the world's most patient person. I'm not gonna lie, I'm still not done. I need to fill it in a little bit more, I was just super excited about it and wanted to share !

Here's what it looks like now on our guest room's door. As you can tell, the middle needs a little bit more "fluff". I'm not really good at explaining, so lucky for me, has put up a little YouTube video to show to to fold and put the pages in to fill it in.

So, thats my wreath ! Hopefully, I'll be able to do something else fun and crafty soon ! I've got something in mind for a new lamp shade :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i have acquired something...

Isn't she beautiful !? I didn't remember to take a picture of a before picture. This is after we scraped off a bunch of old paint and dirt. Luckily I have an incredibly sweet husband, and he was willing to help out. He took me to lowes and got a paint scraper along with some sanding blocks. I think we spent less than 10 bucks :)

When we first got this window, it had all 4 window panes in it. I sat it outside since it was so dirty, but a storm came by, knocked it down, and broke the glass !  Stupid storm :-/ Its ok though, I have another idea to do with this baby. We decided to put it up in the dining room, so the time came to pick out a color for the frame. Our dining room plates are a green and brown almost paisley pattern, so we chose a lighter green to brighten up the room a little. I have quite the love for dark colored furniture, so bright accessories are always necessary.

Here it is ! I forgot to look at the name of the color before I threw away the paper, so I'm gonna call it light green. Stay tuned to see what I do to finish it off !