Friday, December 5, 2014

The Phantom of the Opera

     I'm a huge music person. I've always been a musical lover, so when the Phantom of the Opera movie came out, I was all in. I saw it several times in theaters and I now own the movie. I could probably sing the soundtrack backwards and forwards. I honestly didn't even know it was a book until just a few years ago. I've been wanting to read it ever since. I've had the book for a couple years now, I was just intimidated by it. Then came the Winter Book Challenge ! I was able to use this one as  "book that wasn't originally printed in my first language"  as it was printed in French.

     It took me about 2 weeks to read this book when normally a book that size takes no more than a day, it was just really difficult to get into. I'm not sure how I would feel about the book if I hadn't seen the musical and/or the movie. Its really romanticized in the musical, and I missed that in the book. The person telling the story is just very matter of fact about everything that happens. I guess maybe I wanted the book to sing to me haha. It was just an okay book. I gave it three stars.

     Hope everyone's day is awesome :)

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