Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Phantom Scarf

Hello all ! I'm excited about this post, its my first accessory ! I originally saw this on pinterest here and I fell in love ! I adore all things covered in writing or script. Here's what I started out with.

I went to Walmart and found a plain white scarf for $5 and a black paint pen for $3
Then came time to decide what to write on it. I went through all the quotes I like, some lyrics and couldn't find anything I really liked. I started walking around the house looking at books and things around the house and I found it ! Phantom of the Opera lyrics ! I'm crazy for not thinking of it earlier ! I picked "All I ask of you" just because its awesome and romantic and I love it :)

I wrote out the lyrics just because knowing me I'd forget where I was and repeat a line.
Make sure you shake that paint pen like a shake weight cause it will not write without it. Also, bear down on it a lot. I had some left over cardboard so I did some practice runs.

Don't make fun of my cursive... Its been many a year since it was required in school. Besides when I've got the scarf on, you can't even tell I have not so pretty handwriting.

Tada !!!!! I was genuinely pleased with how it all turned out. Make sure though when you're writing on something like a table or something you don't want messed up, you put something between the scarf and the table. The paint did bleed through.

Super cute :) I like it and I've already gotten several complements on it already.
I hope everyone has a lovely day !

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Birthday finds

My birthday was this week, and I turned 23 years old. It feels weird !! Before I get too nostalgic, I'll continue with the reason for this post. I got some birthday money from some family, and I immediately knew where I'd go shop... the thrift store !! Haha, every girl's dream huh ? I went to my favorite one on Dayton blvd. I think its just called the Red Bank Thrift store. I like it because the entire basement is always filled with furniture ! I went down there and hunted for anything I could use for a coffee table to no avail. When I was heading up the stairs though, I happened to spot this little beauty sitting all alone.

I've been dying for a birdcage, but every time I see one they are way more than I want to spend. Guess how much I paid for this little guy... $1 !!! When I brought it up to the register, I think the guy maybe felt sorry that I'd want something so ugly, haha !
I took it home immediately and started the clean up process. This thing was nasty !! It took me so long that I gave up on the bottom. I didn't really need it anyways. I had just enough red paint to go ahead and get it all cute. I think my neighbors think I'm crazy because I'm quite positive I'm outside painting something all the time hee hee. Anyways, it turned out really cute !!

It took me awhile to decide what to put inside it. I tried books but all the ones I had were too big. I'll eventually get flameless candles so I can can have the look like they're lit. Cute huh ? I also went out earlier that day to an antique store and found the lock attached to it.

I'm in love !! I have an obsession with keys so when I saw it, I flipped !

I also made some hearts out of book pages. It was really simple, I just cut strips and hot glued them together in the shape of hearts.

Now I just happen to have a kind of Valentines Day set up and I didn't even mean to haha. I"m not the biggest fan of Valentines day, but I am a fan of February 15th since all the candy goes on sale :)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful New Years. I know we did ! I've also made a couple goals for the year. I think everyone knows by now my hubby will be leaving for his 2nd deployment this year so I've jam packed this year to make sure I'll be extra busy :) The one thing I'm very excited about doing is redoing our bedroom. When we first got married, our furniture was a big mix of hand-me-downs and things from my first apartment. Its taken us this long to finally figure out our own style and fix up the part of the house everyone sees. We're finally to the point we can focus on another room, and I don't have a clue as to what to do ! I'll be researching and shopping for all kinds of inspiration for this new beautiful room. I'll keep you guys updated !