Monday, December 15, 2014

The Road

     The Road by Cormac McCarthy was my local author read, and I had some issues with it. I feel a little weird about it though because everyone else just loves it. Its based in a post apocalyptic America, everywhere is ash and char. Very few people are alive, and the ones that are have turned to cannibalism for food. A father and son are trying to get to the coast, away from the snow that could eventually kill them.

     I'll talk about the writing first. I initially really didn't like it, but after finishing, I get it. I've never seen a writing style so minimal. The smallest amount of words are used to speak or describe something, and it makes sense. In that kind of world, being surrounded by such a desolate landscape, There isn't much to say. I get it, and for that I think McCarthy is brilliant. Now to the plot. I honestly thought it was very anticlimactic and I'm not understanding why this story needed to be told. I'm of the belief that stories serve a purpose. They teach a lesson, make you laugh, show you a different way of life, or show you how to be strong after difficult times.  I didn't really get anything from this book, and that makes me sad. I had pretty high hopes for it, but I'm sure lots of people will disagree. That's ok. I'm not going to like everything you like and you won't like everything I do.

     I'm working on expanding the genres that I read and I'm working on reading the books I missed out on due to attending a Christian school my whole life. I'm slowly getting there !

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