Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Breakfast at Bloomingdales

     Finally the last book of Semi-Charmed's Winter Reading Challenge !! First from Goodreads: Kat's come to New York City with a dream: to be a big fashion designer and to see her name on a label in Bloomingdale's. Back in upstate New York, she imagined a city paved in Prada . . . but the reality isn't quite so fashionable. Still, there are friends to be made, boys to be flirted with, and amazements to be found . . . sometimes when she least expects it. Even when her lame hick boyfriend from back home comes to the city to try to reclaim her, Kat knows she's found her place . . . now all she has to do is have the place find her back.

     I found this book a little silly and over dramatic, but you know ? I didn't hate it. It was cute and I really liked the fashion Incorporated into it. This would something fun to read at the beach, for sure. Its light and has a lot of quirks. The main character, Kat, is someone you want to like and succeed. Even when she's angry and acting a little outrageous. Overall, an entertaining read, but its not for everyone. That's for sure.

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