Thursday, November 10, 2011

Burlap Wreath

So, this is the cutest wreath I've ever seen in real life, so I'm pretty proud its mine haha. I saw this on pinterest initially and it looked like this

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I love it ! However, its sold on Etsy for about $40.00 so I figured I could make it myself for much cheaper. Off I went to Joann's ! (Which is probably my favorite store as of late) I found a wreath, some pins and burlap for $3.99 per yard. I kinda fiddled around online for a little bit looking for a way to make it look good and eventually found a how-to saying to use 4x4 little squares. I'll try to show what they need to look like cause I'm not really good at explaining things.

So, you fold 2 opposite corners together so it looks like a triangle.

Then, fold in a 3rd corner. Make sure that you keep all the corners kinda flat so it'll be easier to pin it into the foam.

Finally, fold down the last corner. I think it kinda ends up looking like a fortune cookie maybe ? No ? Ok ! Now using the pins, I just pinned one "bubble" at a time each one covering the previous pin. I may have gotten yellow pins so they reeeally stood out haha. So now, Tada !

Super cute wreath ! I origionally put a red bow on there, but it was too small, so I'll show ya whenever I decide what to add to it. As of right now, it looks too cute not to be anywhere else but on my front door :) I ended up spending about $17 bucks ! Pretty great compared to the origional price tag ! I hope this makes you feel inspired !

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