Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rhythm and Brews

           I am writing this with ringing ears and a scratchy throat. Some friends and I went last night to check out an 80's cover band, and before I continue, I must say that I should have been alive during that decade. I was born to head bang to Joan Jett, Metallica, Kiss, Def Leppard, and Journey. The band, Velcro Pygmies, was outstanding ! I don't know if I'm writing the review based on the band or the place, but I was blown away.
          It's a simple place, in the middle of downtown. A place I've honestly passed by hundreds of times and never really thought much about it. You walk in and immediately in front is the stage. There's a balcony below for the ones that may not be so interested in standing (or jumping) all night. It was 12 bucks to get in, and completely worth it. The drinks were moderately priced, so it was a pretty cheap night for three and a half hours of entertainment. The Pygmies set started at 10:30 and they played well into the wee hours of the morning.
         There was a Michael Jackson cover band here a few weeks ago and people are already talking about the band coming in beginning in May. Not too shabby for a little bar I've always passed by. If you like good, live music, and possibly losing some hearing, this is the place to go.

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