Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i have acquired something...

Isn't she beautiful !? I didn't remember to take a picture of a before picture. This is after we scraped off a bunch of old paint and dirt. Luckily I have an incredibly sweet husband, and he was willing to help out. He took me to lowes and got a paint scraper along with some sanding blocks. I think we spent less than 10 bucks :)

When we first got this window, it had all 4 window panes in it. I sat it outside since it was so dirty, but a storm came by, knocked it down, and broke the glass !  Stupid storm :-/ Its ok though, I have another idea to do with this baby. We decided to put it up in the dining room, so the time came to pick out a color for the frame. Our dining room plates are a green and brown almost paisley pattern, so we chose a lighter green to brighten up the room a little. I have quite the love for dark colored furniture, so bright accessories are always necessary.

Here it is ! I forgot to look at the name of the color before I threw away the paper, so I'm gonna call it light green. Stay tuned to see what I do to finish it off !

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