Thursday, November 13, 2014

Neil, I love you

      I honestly couldn't sing Neil Patrick Harris' praises any more. His autobiography, Choose Your Autobiography, was just awesome. I've always been a fan of him, and this just made it even more so. It really does cover pretty much everything. He tells all the good (hanging out with Elton John) and even some bad (moody, difficult to work with costars), no holds barred.
     He really opened up the floodgates allowing me to actually learn a lot about him. By far this might be my second favorite celebrity memoir. Second only to Julie Andrews, because, well, duh. My favorite parts were learning about his amazing childhood, his relationship with David, his partner, and his children. Just beautifully and hilariously written. My one and only complaint would be the format in which it was written. I thought the choose your own adventure idea sounded awesome, however once I got into the book, I found myself back tracking a lot just in case I missed something. I ended up just reading the book start to finish because sometimes rules are meant to be broken :)

     I give you 4 stars out of 5 !!

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