Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My favorite Christmas stuff !

So, I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas season. I know I have !! I've been so busy with crafting, shopping, working, and celebrating I completely forgot about my blog for a bit ! So, here comes an overload of what I've worked on and gotten recently :)

We'll start with my new tree topper ! I won't try to give any step by step directions because I kinda free handed it and I wouldn't wish for anyone to go through all of that haha ! I will tell ya that its made out of black felt, the sparkliest red ribbon I could find, and lots of hot glue ! (I can't sew a thing !) I love it ! I've probably been looking for the perfect tree topper for 4 years, and just like that, problem solved !

Second, we have my beautiful (finally finished) window. I had originally planned on keeping the original glass in there after the frame was finished, but during the move, the glass was broken :( But, what did mommy always teach you ?? When one door closes, God opens a window... or something along those lines and a window was opened !! I had seen something kinda similar in an old frame where someone had put wire through it and just hung pictures from clothes pins so that's what I did ! I found the cutest itty bitty clothes pins from Joanns and painted them red to match the rest of the living room. Currently I have "Merry Christmas" (courtesy of my mother in law's cricut) and then some Christmas cards. It may be my favorite thing in the house.

This is my new Scentsy warmer ! Eric's Aunt got it for me for Christmas and I was thrilled !! I've felt for awhile that all the cool kids had scentsy and I was just out of the loop :( I just figured that it was a little luxury I didn't really need... candles are just fine ! Nope !! I don't know what I did before scentsy came along. I currently have "Eskimo Kiss" in there and my apartment smells lovely !

Here is my last picture I promise. This is my new media storage cabinet. I have been dying for one for months ! I finally found the perfect one on overstock.com and asked for it for Christmas. I'm pretty sure it took Eric and I two hours and several four lettered words to put it together. What is it with these directions that use one sentence to describe 8 steps !! Anyways, I'm really excited about this big guy. I want to treat it like the mantle I've never had. The house is still a bit of a mess just because we're still trying to find a home for all our new stuff. Stay tuned for more fun stuff !

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  1. The windows thing is very cute and organized!
    I also got a wax melter thingy for Christmas from one of my kids' moms! I had no idea what to do with it, but I figured it out haha. I like it alot.