Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wedding Present

So, this is the first thing I've actually made by myself and I am so proud !! I was recently Matron of Honor in one of my oldest friends wedding. I've been trying to think of fun, imaginative presents to give recently and I finally thought of something I felt was appropriate as a wedding present. I absolutely love quotes, I have a whole notebook dedicated to them, and I know my friend, Bethany, likes them as well. I found one that would go really well in someones bedroom here on my pinterest page, and asked her what their colors were.

I ran to the store and grabbed yellow and white acrylic paint and a 12x18 inch canvas and went ahead and painted the entire canvas yellow.

When I had gone to the store, I had planned on getting a pretty stencil but I couldn't find anything I liked enough to get. I remembered something I learned from The House of Smiths that involved stickers, so off I went hunting for stickers ! Lucky me, I found them for 30 % off at Joann's and also in a cute font. I put the stickers down exactly where I wanted them after the paint dried.

Such a cute quote !! I'm totally using it one day. Well, I mixed some paint to make the perfect shade of grey and painted over everything, stickers and all. Just be careful around the edges of the stickers cause they had a tendency to come up. After painting a couple coats, I let it sit for just a couple minutes before trying to pull up the stickers. For that, you'll need tweezers.

Ta da !! I had gotten a little paint under some stickers so I had to do a few touch ups and add punctuation, of course :) After letting it sit for awhile, the more I looked at it, I felt like it wasn't finished. It needed something else on the right side to complete it. I'm not a painter at all. I've taken a couple of classes and I managed to learn a couple of things. The number one thing I took from it was, don't worry, its just paint. It can be painted over ! I decided to just to a couple little swirls and see where it went from there.

I actually love how it came out. I told Bethany that my feelings wouldn't be hurt if she didn't like it, I'd get to keep it for myself hee hee ! Unfortunately, she liked it and it will look great in their room.
Congrats, Mitch and Bethany !

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